Enhance Your Life with These 10 Habits

Apr 27, 2021
Organized desk with plants and notebook to write action plan

Too many people believe it’s necessary to move mountains to see a worthwhile uptick in their lives. This simply isn’t true. Small habits that are repeated over and over create change and momentum.

These 10 habits take little to no time but create big results. It’s more about being more effective than it is about doing more.

Change your life with simple habits:


  1. Create a plan for tomorrow before going to bed. Have a plan for the day before you go to bed. Think about your goals and what needs to be accomplished tomorrow. Write it down and then put it aside.
  2. Make the first meal of your day a healthy one. Whether you eat breakfast or wait until lunch, ensure that your first meal is good for you. When you start off eating poorly, the rest of the day is usually a dietary catastrophe. Get off to a good start and you’ll be more likely to eat well the remainder of the day.
  3. Deal with the least pleasant task on your list as soon as possible. Avoid putting off your most unpleasant tasks until the end of the day. You’ll ruin your entire day! Get it out of the way and enjoy the remainder of your day.
  4. Avoid worrying about things and events outside of your control. If you’re going to worry, at least expend the energy on something you can influence. Then you can come up with a plan to make the situation better.
  5. Smiling makes you, and everyone around you, feel better. It never hurts to smile and smiling makes you more attractive to others. Think about the person you know with the greatest smile. What do you like about it? See if you can create a smile just as great.
  6. Be thankful. It’s easy to focus on the things you don’t have, but much more pleasant and useful to focus on the things you do have. Feeling grateful tends to bring you more things to feel grateful for. It also makes you more effective in everything you do.
  7. With a proven plethora of physical and psychological benefits, meditation is a wonderful habit to develop and maintain in your life. There’s plenty of free information available online to get started.
  8. Review your day. Try to learn something from each day. Imagine if you adjusted your approach to life just the tiniest bit each and every day. It wouldn’t take long before you were living life at a whole new level. Review your mistakes and successes each evening.
  9. Modern society doesn’t provide much in the way of physical exertion for most of us. If your job isn’t physically demanding, it’s important to add some exercise to your life. It’s good for your mind and body.
  10. Do something enjoyable each day. Life should be enjoyed. It’s too easy to run out of time in the day before you have a chance to enjoy yourself. Try to schedule at least 30 minutes to do whatever you want each day.

The life you’re currently experiencing is the result of your current habits. New habits lead to a new life. There are many simple habits that can create significant changes in a minimal amount of time.

Creating the life that you desire requires building habits that support that life.